How to Setup Database Replication in Mysql on Ubuntu

We all know how critical are database servers if a database server goes down or corrupts due to some we should always have a backup present. This guide will help you set up database replication of MySQL database from a Master server to a Slave server. Prerequisites Important: If this is a new server (i.e if no databases already present) you can directly proceed to step 1. If not, create the databases present on the MASTER server on the SLAVE server.

Low Disk Space Alert Script for Linux

Automating tasks can save a lot of our time and also avoid any downtime if anything goes wrong if not monitored. So, here is a script to monitor disk space which can alert the system admin to take necessary action. This script can be used to send mail to system admin informing or alerting him about the disk space. This script can be scheduled to run at the intervals of 10/20/30.

Database Backup Script

Shell script to backup database. Explained line by line. This script can be implemented to take database backups regularly (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly) using cron jobs. This script is useful for database administrators, Linux administrators, web hosting providers to automate their database backup task. Script #!/bin/sh #Author: Akash Mehta #Database backup script #Script Start #Initialises now variable with current date and time. now="$(date +'%d_%m_%Y_%H_%M_%S')" #Initializes the backup file name and makes a gunzip.